Competitive boys volleyball program to be introduced at CCSD21 middle schools in 2023-2024

May 3, 2023

Topic: Updates

A competitive boys volleyball program will be introduced across CCSD21 middle schools beginning with the 2023-2024 school year.

Dr. Michael Connolly, superintendent of CCSD21, notified the board of education during its monthly meeting on April 27 of the plan, after a non-district citizen advocated district officials to consider implementing such a program.

“When I established my superintendent student advisory council in the fall, and my subsequent meetings with the council, several students brought up [lacking a competitive boys volleyball program],” Connolly said. “Having been a middle school principal, and my schools always had boys volleyball teams, I started asking questions … especially because [this program] does exist in our athletic conference.”

The district is steadily making the preparations to introduce these clubs, including working on designs of uniforms, and has had conversations with the athletic conference.